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Girls Have More Math Anxiety Than Boys

the thought of a math test has you breaking out in sweats, you’d be glad
to know that it’s actually a medical condition called "mathemetics
anxiety" and that you’re not alone.

Math anxiety is a vicious circle: having math anxiety hurts performance
in math, which makes the sufferer even more anxious and so on.

Now, new research shows that girls have more math anxiety than boys:

"These results might suggest that girls may have had the potential
to perform better than boys in mathematics, however, their performance
may have been attenuated by higher levels of (mathematics anxiety),"
the research team from the University of Cambridge and the University
of Oxford write online today (July 9) in the journal Behavioral and
Brain Functions. [...]

They found that test anxiety was also linked to poor mathematics
performance, but this link was stronger for girls than boys.

Wayne Parry of LiveScience explains: Link

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July 10th, 2012

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