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Generation Vexed

got the baby boomers, Gen X, then Gen Y and The Millenials … what do
you call young peole of today?

Tiffany Hsu and Shan Li of The Los Angeles Times coined the term "Generation
Vexed" and they may have a valid point:

Fewer than half of Americans believe that the current generation
will have a better life than the last, according to a Gallup poll this
spring. It was the most pessimistic showing for that barometer in nearly
three decades.

Another poll, of Americans ages 18 to 29, found that three-quarters
of them expect to delay a major life change or purchase because of economic
factors. The survey — released last week, just before the Standard
& Poor’s downgrade of U.S. debt — was by the nonprofit Generation
Opportunity, headed by Paul Conway.

"There’s a generation here being formed under the crucible
of unemployment, debt and lack of economic chances," said Conway,
who was chief of staff at the Labor Department during the George W.
Bush administration. "They’re just seeking an opportunity to get
in the game."

During the fight in Congress this summer over the debt ceiling,
frustrated college students banded together to form a coalition called
Do We Have a Deal Yet? John Glass, 21, was one of more than 100 student
body presidents who signed a public letter produced by the group.

"Our generation is going to take the brunt of the force of
the debt crisis," said Glass, a government major at St. Lawrence
University in New York. "It’s going to mean fewer jobs, higher
interest rates, more debt.

"We’ll have to sacrifice," he said. "This is a raw
deal for our generation."

(Photo: Don Bartletti/LA Times)

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