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Found: Lion Cub

Children on the way to school in the village of Seyatel in Russia encountered a lion cub. Lions are not native to that part of Russia, so the children took the cub, believed to be about five months old, to school with them.

The children who found the young wild cat brought their find to school number 84, where he was put in the sports hall. The director of the educational institution Angelica Chemerisova called the police and the emergency services and reported that there was a lion cub at the school.

The lion was scared and very thirsty, so authorities do not know how long it was loose. No one has so far claimed the cub, which was taken to a zoo for safekeeping. The linked story is a translation and uses both male and female pronouns for the lion cub. Link -via Arbroath, where you can see a video report.

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December 1st, 2012

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