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Fight Club: The Musical

Offbeat selections for Broadway musicals are trendy now, such as the Spider-Man musical currently in production. So perhaps it shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise that the dark, transgressive book and film Fight Club may be turned into a musical:

Years ago David Fincher talked about being interested in doing a Fight Club musical as a celebration of the film’s tenth anniversary. I think many people brushed it off as being a lark or a joke or a passing thing, especially when 2009 came and went without the show turning up. But it turns out that somewhere in the back of Fincher’s head the concept has continued, and it’s still on his mind.

Tonight The Social Network screened for members of the Screen Actors Guild, and at the Q&A afterwards Fincher mentioned that he’s been recently talking to Trent Reznor about doing the musical. Back when the project was initially floated, Trent Reznor had expressed interest in doing the music; since then Fincher and Reznor have worked together on The Social Network and Reznor will be scoring the currently-in-production Girl With the Dragon Tattoo.

Do you think that Fight Club would work as a musical?

Link via Geekosystem | Image: Fox

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January 9th, 2011

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