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Farming in Detroit

Detroit, which has the unenviable title of one of America’s
Most Miserable Cities
, get back its mojo by becoming … a farm?!

Not such a crazy idea, according to some:

Detroit has more than 200,000 vacant parcels—almost half
of them residential plots—that generate no significant tax revenue
and would cost more to maintain than the city can afford. Finding new
uses for this land has become one of the most pressing challenges for
a city that lost a quarter of its population in the past decade.

[Entrepreneur John Hantz] proposes to ease that burden by buying
about 2,300 parcels and planting oak trees, then maybe fruit orchards
and hydroponic vegetables. The hardwoods could be harvested and sold
within a decade to customers looking for young trees, according to Hantz

Detroit "cannot create value until we create scarcity,"
Mr. Hantz says. "Large-scale farming could begin to take land out
of circulation in a positive way."

Matthew Dolan of the Wall Street Journal has the story: Link
(Photo: Brian Widdis/The Wall Street Journal)

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July 7th, 2012

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