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Exploding Milk Causes Havoc on Highway

A truck transporting milk and cream on the A75 in Galloway, Scotland, caused chaos Tuesday morning when the cargo began to explode. Other drivers saw that the truck was on fire!

Motorists tried to alert the driver Phil Sykes, from Cleveleys, Lancashire, who was heading south with the load of milk and cream.

But it was near the Kirkcudbright turnoff at Tarff, about seven miles west of Castle Douglas, before the driver became aware of the fire around 6am.

He managed to pull the lorry into the roadside where firefighters from Kirkcudbright and Castle Douglas extinguished the blaze after nearly two hours. They were hampered by the exploding skooshy cream containers and milk cartons, and traffic was delayed for more than two hours before single-file traffic was put in operation by police.

Mr Sykes said: “I phoned my boss to let him know but he said it was no use crying over spilled milk.The main thing was that no-one was injured.

Firefighters responded to the scene and said there was milk everywhere. Link -via Arbroath

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March 15th, 2012

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