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Duffy Swing Table

Tired of trying to vacuum around your dining room table chairs? Have roughly 5,000 pounds sterling to spare? Then the Duffy Swing Table might be for you! Although the design is rather cool, Miss Cellania points out that it would be mighty painful to bump into the table if someone happened to hit you from behind and expresses some doubt as to its practicality. I must say that I cannot imagine this being the kid’s table at Thanksgiving–what a free for all that would be–not that that’s much of an issue in Britain as Duffy is a London designer. Still, if you’re tired of sliding out the chairs, then this one might be for you. Made of managed forest Walnut Veener and powder coated mild steel, it comes in “bespoke finishes and sizes”–whatever that means. Thankfully, the lamp is included in the hefty price–no discount for missing legs.


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August 13th, 2011

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