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Drought Reveals Debris From Space Shuttle Columbia In Texas Lake

In 2003 in the wake of the tragic Shuttle Columbia disaster many pieces of the shuttle were recovered in Texas. Now eight years later due to the intense drought in that state, one more piece of debris has been found in in four feet of lake water.

The recent drought in Texas has caused water levels to drop across the state, which has revealed a piece of American history resting on the bottom of lake. In the East Texas city of Nacogdoches, NASA has confirmed that a part of Columbia has been discovered. The piece of debris is a power reactant storage and distribution system (PRSD), which looks like a badly battered disco ball.

According to Lisa Malone, a NASA spokeswoman the PRSD is four feet in diameter, and was used on the Space Shuttle as a tank to provide power and water during missions. NASA is looking into how to recover the object.


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August 3rd, 2011

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