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Dodecahedron Chicken Coop

In response to the earlier item on chicken coops, Neatoramanaut NickDanger3dEye let us know about the 12-sided coop he and his son built.

I got the basic idea for a plywood dodecahedron from a late 60s Popular Science magazine article I read in my youth. The author of that article built it as a meditation space, with a circular hole cut in one panel. Instead, we hinged one panel and put a hook and eye at the top, so we could lock up the chickens overnight, safe from raccoons and other varmints.

One other point, we hung a heat lamp from the top to warm the chickens during the winter. At night, the red light leaks through the vertices.

My son’s friends have been unpersuasive in trying to talk us into painting numbers on the side to make it look like a D12.

I would throw my vote to paint it as a die! An octahedral laying box was his next attempt at working his way through all the Platonic solids. Link to Flickr page.

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December 9th, 2011

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