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DNA Sans Font

Say it with love … and DNA! Researchers from Harvard Medical School
have made letters and wingdings out of DNA. Each one of the letter above
is made from a single strand of the genetic material:

Each strand is unique, and folds to form a rectangular tile. When
mixed, neighbouring tiles stick to each other in a brick-wall pattern,
and shorter boundary tiles lock the edges in place.

In their simplest configuration, the tiles produce a solid 64-by-103-nanometre
rectangle, but Wei and his team can create more complex shapes by leaving
out specific tiles. Using this strategy, they created 107 two-dimensional
shapes, including letters, numbers, Chinese characters, geometric shapes
and symbols. They also produced tubes and rectangles of different sizes,
including one consisting of more than 1,000 tiles.

DNA sans, anyone? Link
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June 2nd, 2012

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