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Disney Says No To Santa

usually get excited when Santa comes to visit, but not Disney "Bah
Humbug" World!

When Thomas Tolbert, who looks just like Santa, came to visit the theme
park, Disney officials asked him to look less Santa-ish:

"He said you can’t be portraying Santa," said Tolbert,
adding that Disney asked him to change into less "Santa-ish"

Tolbert said changing clothes did not help.

"I never had a red suit on. I never had a hat. I didn’t have
fur boots on, but that doesn’t make Santa. The face and the persona
is what makes Santa," Tolbert said. "They’re looking at my
face and they’re looking at my features."

Tolbert said Disney told him to continue to turn children away
— no matter how curious they were.

"Disney had informed me that I must inform anybody who came
up to me that ‘I am not who you think I am, I am on vacation and please
leave me alone,’" Tolbert said.

Mickey’s getting a lump of coal for Christmas this year! Link

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July 27th, 2012

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