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Deep-Sea Anglerfish Filmed For the First Time in Its Native Habitat

Scientists at the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute has filmed
for the first time a deep-sea anglerfish in its native habitat off the
ocast of California, at depths of 7,800 to 10,800 feet below the ocean’s

From the BBC:

Using a remote-operated vehicle, biologists observed the fish "walking"
with its fins and using its namesake lure.

Scientists suggest the footage also shows that the fish change colour
as they age. [...]

"[Our results] reveal a little more information about an animal
that lives 3200 metres below the ocean’s surface that no one has ever
seen before," said Senior Research Technician at MBARI Lonny Lundsten,
"and we’ve got gorgeous HD video of it!"

Like Nancy Sinatra once said, these fins are made for walking: Hit play
or go to Link [YouTube]

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