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Cracker Barrel Server Finds Ancestors on Wall at Restaurant

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Most of the time when you go to Cracker Barrel, you expect to find chicken fried steak and giant games of checkers… not your great-great-great grandmother. Sandra, a server at the Owensboro, Kentucky, store, was working and thinking about her recently deceased niece, Cammi Jo. She happened to glance up at one of the old-timey pictures decorating the wall and found Cammi Jo looking back at her. Struck by the uncanny resemblance, Sandra took a picture of the photo and sent it to her sister-in-law, Cammi Jo’s mom. After some research, they discovered that Cammi Jo’s lookalike – the woman holding the baby in the picture – was actually Sandra’s great-great-great-great grandmother, and the baby was Sandra’s great-great-great grandmother.

Cracker Barrel is working on getting the photo back to Sandra’s family.

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June 21st, 2011

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