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Cops Break Into Insecure Homes in the Middle of the Night to Prevent Burglary

officers in a town in Essex, England, has a unique way of making sure
the town’s residents stay safe: the cops will break into their homes in
the middle of the night.

Sleeping householders are going to be woken up in the middle of
the night to discover someone breaking into their house – only to discover
it is the police.

Police in Shoebury, Essex, have been going round testing doors
and windows of houses to check if they have been left unlocked – and
if they find an easy way in they will wake up the household to warn
them their house is insecure.

The new police campaign is aimed at warning people of the dangers
of late-night break ins – but predictably, those who have been woken
have not been happy so far.

Well, I suppose it’s better the cops than the burglars: Link

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March 30th, 2012

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