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Contest: Extreme Neatorama Reading!

Last week, we learned that one Neatoramanaut is browsing the site from Antarctica! That’s dedication, and we like that.

So let’s have a contest the demonstrates your willingness to read Neatorama, no matter what the circumstances or conditions — while scuba diving, deep inside a cave, on Mount Everest, during an asteroid strike, or more. There are two categories in this contest: the first for pictures of authentically extreme conditions, and the second for wacky and funny Photoshop images. There will be two winners in each category and all four will each win any item priced under $25 from the NeatoShop!

To enter, you must (1) email the image to me at, (2) state in which of the two categories your entry belongs and (3) identify which item priced under $25 that you want as your prize. Your image must clearly display a computer screen with Neatorama loaded on it.

In a few days, we’ll announce the winners and assemble a Flickr set for all of the submissions. So go crazy.

Image: AdWeek

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December 12th, 2011

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