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Combat Creatures

In February, we introduced you to Jaimie Mantzel and his Greatest Toy in the Universe. At the time, the toy didn’t even have a name, much less a manufacturer. But things move fast, and the company Wow! Stuff is shipping a line of toys based on Mantzel’s prototype in time for Christmas. His model is called the “Attacknid.” It’s the first of a series called “Combat Creatures.”

It all started with one man trying to bring his little bot to toy stores, but it’s quickly turned into an entire toy series, complete with an absurd back-story (robots fight over depleted oil reserves on an alien planet) and a marketing overhaul. The name “Attacknid” itself was chosen out of over 10,000 suggestions the distributor received in just one week after Mantzel announced a contest in his video. Wow! Stuff has released the Attacknid first, but has stated that other designs are planned for the Combat Creatures brand as the company expands it into a full line of battling robots.

Attacknid is only available in the UK now, but should roll out in the US in 2013. Read more at gizmag. Link

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October 22nd, 2012

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