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Colombian Slum with Giant Outdoor Escalator

may be a slum, but it’s a slum with an escalator! Officials in Medellin,
Colombia, have inaugurated a giant outdoor escalator in one of its poorest

For generations, the 12,000 residents of Medellin’s tough Comuna
13, which clings to the side of a steep hillside, have had to climb
hundreds of large steps authorities say is the same as going up a 28-story
Now they can ride an escalator, in what the mayor of Medellin said is
the first massive, outdoor public escalator for use by residents of
a poor area. [...]

Comuna 13 residents came out to celebrate and study the $6.7 million
escalator which officials say will shorten the 35-minute hike on foot
up the hillside to six minutes. Use of the escalator is free.

The only thing missing now is a giant slide to go down! Link
(Photo: Luis Benavides/AP)

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December 28th, 2011

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