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Chimp Devises Increasingly Complex Attacks Against Zoo Visitors

so the ape uprising has begun.

Researchers discovered that a male chimp at Furuvik Zoo in Sweden named
Santino has been devising increasingly complex attacks against zoo visitors:

At first Santino was famous for throwing rocks and other projectiles
at visitors who annoyed him. Now he has improved his technique, which
requires spontaneous innovation for future deception. Researcher Mathias
Osvath, lead author of a paper about Santino in PLoS ONE, explained
what the clever chimp did:
"After a visitor group had left the compound area, Santino went
inside the enclosure and brought a good-sized heap of hay that he placed
near the visitor’s section, and immediately after that he put stones
under it," Osvath said.

"He also appeared to have placed projectiles behind, just
before he went in after the hay. After this, he sat down beside the
hay and waited. When the visitors came back, he waited until they were
close by and, without any preceding display, he threw stones at the
crowd." [...]

The calculated surprise attacks on visitors demonstrate very advanced
thinking usually only associated with humans.


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May 10th, 2012

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