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Cat Saves Newborn Chihuahua

Halo Animal Rescue in Phoenix, Arizona confronted a tiny problem. A chihuahua puppy was left an orphan when its mother died in childbirth. Rescue worker Heather Allen called Animal Control and asked if they had any nursing mothers. All they had was a black cat with four kittens.

Knowing that without a mom the baby Chihuahua did not have long to live, Heather introduced the two. She says, “I just kind of just stuck the puppy in with the rest and hoped the mom wouldn’t notice much and she thought that was fine.”

Seven days later the baby Chihuahua, now named Liam, is still alive. Heather says, “She’s doing great, I don’t know if she’ll be litter-trained when she’s done, but she’s doing really well, she’s nursing and seems to be growing and doing great.”

Link (with video) -via Fark

(image credit: AZ Family)

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October 10th, 2009

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