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Cat Raising Baby Chicks

A farmer in China noticed something really strange about his cat. She doesn’t eat chicken. Instead, Niu Niu has taken 30 young chicks under her wing (so to speak), and even licks them clean.

“I came back home and found Niu Niu had got into the chicks’ box and I thought she was going to eat them,” he said.

“I shouted at her and she froze. But then I realised that the chicks were climbing all over her and she was just playing with them.”

Lao, of Suibing County, Heilongjiang Province, said he now leaves Niu Niu to look after the baby chicks while he goes out to work.

The chicks have bonded with the cat, and follow her everywhere. Link -via The Daily What

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May 25th, 2011

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