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Can You Tell Psychopaths Simply by the Words They Use?

so, according to psychologists studying convicted murderers. In a new
study of previously diagnosed psychopaths and non-psychopathic murderers,
the researchers were able to discern who are psychopathic by analyzing
their word choices:

Psychopaths were far more likely to say they committed the crime
because of personal needs, like food and money, and they described their
deeds in the past tense, suggesting it happened a long time ago and
there was little that the perpetrator could do to prevent it. They seemed
emotionally detached from the murder, and as might be expected, they
showed no remorse. [...]

The non-psychopathic killers, by contrast, were far more likely
to describe their past in terms that reflected social needs, like family,
religion and spirituality.

"In the context of a committed murder, it is likely that the
non-psychopaths were aware of and affected by the profound effects their
crime would have had on their own families and the victim’s family,"
the study says. No such concern was shown among the psychopaths.

The bottom line: "Psychopaths operate on a primitive but rational
level," say the researchers.


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October 20th, 2011

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