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Can Santa Get Arrested for Breaking Into Your House?

Have you ever wondered if Santa’s yearly journey is illegal? He does, after all, break into millions of homes every year to leave presents behind. Well, in California at least, he’s safe from burglary and most trespassing charges, but he could still be charged with simple trespassing for entering homes without consent, but according to San Diego criminal lawyer Peter Liss, he could fight the charges by arguing that “Santa has implied consent because Santa only goes to houses where he is wanted, and any milk and cookies left out in the home could be used as further evidence of Santa’s implied invitation into the home.”

On the other hand, impersonating Santa Claus like Jack Skellington does, is definitely a crime according to The Legal Geeks. In fact, he could be charged with:

1) Conspiracy
2) Kidnapping
3) False Impersonation
4) Torture at the “hands” of Mr. Oogie Boogie
5) Breaking and Entering
6) Assault and battery on an unknown number of families.

So just because it’s OK for Santa to break into family homes doesn’t mean you can don your best Santa suit and copy his moves.

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November 30th, 2012

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