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Busy College Undergrad Got a Job For You: Be His Personal Assistant

Psst! Need a job? Here’s an opening for you: $10 to $12 an hour, with the possibility of an occassional bonus. All you have to do is cater to the “everyday tasks” of a Georgetown University sophomore.

That’s right. Charley Cooper is a busy kid. He’s got classes, homework, and even a part-time job at a financial services company. So he’s looking for a personal assistant to handle the mundane part of everyday living like doing laundry, organizing his closet, and so on:

Cooper, 19, logged on to the university’s student employment Web site last week and posted an ad for someone to tackle “some of my everyday tasks,” such as organizing his closet, dropping him off and picking him up from work, scheduling haircuts, putting gas in the car and taking it in for service, managing his electronic accounts and doing laundry (although the assistant will be paid only for the time spent loading, unloading and folding clothes, not the entire laundry cycle).

The successful applicant can expect to work three to seven hours a week and make $10 to $12 an hour, although “on occasion it will be possible to work additional hours and/or receive bonuses at my discretion.” Preference will be given to Georgetown undergraduates, Cooper says in the listing, and the assistant can spread his or her tasks throughout the day.

“As my PA you will receive an email once a day by 9:00 am with a task list for that day and a time estimate for each task,” Cooper wrote in the job listing, which was first reported by the student newsmagazine, Georgetown Voice. “Important tasks will be bolded on the list and must be done that day (even though everything on the list should theoretically be finished on a daily basis). At the end of the day you will send me an email telling me what tasks are incomplete or that all tasks have been completed.”


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October 24th, 2009

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