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Businesswoman Sells Everything to Fund Orphanage

Suzanne Thi Hien Hook was born in Vietnam in 1969. Abandoned at birth, she was housed in an orphanage where she was underfed because of her mixed race heritage. A British organization arranged for her adoption by a Middlesex couple in 1972. Hook grew up to be a successful businesswoman with a fancy house and all the trapping of a good life. In 2007, she returned to Vietnam for a year of volunteer teaching and came home with a mission.

Suzanne, whose Vietnamese name is Thi Hien, has now sold her £500,000 home in Buckinghamshire, Mercedes sports car and collection of 300 shoes.

She has also sold off all of her clothes and furniture to achieve her dream of setting up an orphanage for abandoned children in Vietnam.

Suzanne, who is abandoning her English life to run the Allambie Orphanage, in Ho Chi Minh City, admitted her ”whole life is up for sale”.

She said: ”I’m practically selling everything. My whole life is up for sale.

Hook’s Allambie orphanage is scheduled to open in November. Link to story. Link to orphanage website. -via Arbroath

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September 21st, 2010

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