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Burning Books to Save the Library

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The library in Troy, Michigan, was under a threat to close if a referendum raising taxes .07% did not pass. Things looked pretty grim until a creative campaign using reverse psychology was designed to turn the focus from the tax increase to the library and its books.

Troy Public Library would close for good unless voters approved a tax increase. With little money, six weeks until the election, facing a well organized anti-tax group who’d managed to get two previous library-saving tax increases to fail, we had to be bold. We posed as a clandestine group who urged people to vote to close the library so they could have a book burning party. Public outcry over the idea drowned out the anti-tax opposition and created a ground-swell of support for the library, which won by a landslide.

The campaign to save the library won an Effie Award in the non-profit category. Link -via Metafilter

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June 15th, 2012

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