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Bullock Rescued from Ladder

A young bull was spotted in South Ayrshire, Scotland in a delicate situation. His head was wedged into a ladder. Passers-by called the SPCA to report the problem. The farmer who owns the animal was contacted and said he had no idea how that happened. It wasn’t even his ladder!

Scottish SPCA Inspector Kerry Kirkpatrick contacted the farmer after being alerted to the cow’s plight.

He said: “When the job came through my first thought was, this is a wind up, but I arrived at the field to find the cow looking confused but surprisingly calm despite having his head wedged tightly in between the rungs of the ladder.

“The farmer’s family rounded up the whole herd into a holding pen and we managed to gently pull the ladder off the cow’s head.

Link -via Fortean Times

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August 17th, 2011

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