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Brownie Cookie Dough Cupcakes

In my experience, for serious ice cream eaters, there is only one flavor. Cookie dough. So when someone mentions a brownie cookie dough cupcake, I am all ears.

Looking for a rich and indulgent cupcake recipe?

Listen lady, I saw the picture. I am ready to be indulgent.

Well look no further because I’m telling you this is the most indulgent cupcake I’ve ever eaten! Brownie + cookie dough. 

Tell me more about these brownie + cookie dough metrics.

What I would recommend is that you set aside half of the Cookie Dough Frosting to eat plain  then use the rest for the cupcakes. I’ve never said this before but with that much frosting over a brownie cupcake you’ll have a hard to finishing one cupcake =). This frosting would also be incredibly delicious over a lighter cupcake such as a vanilla or chocolate cupcake.

You had me at cupcake. I have been diligent with my gym routine lately, but after this I will probably have to kick it up a few levels or risk adding a few notches to my belt leather. View the full recipe here. I plan on trying my hand at this over the weekend, would anyone like one?


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November 30th, 2012

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