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Brain Tumor Survivor Has Painted Almost Every Sunrise for the Past Seven Years

One morning, after she had two pear-sized tumors removed from her brain, Debbie Wagner decided to paint the sunrise. This became a daily ritual for her — a celebration of the life that she still had. For seven years, that’s what she’s done almost every day. Wagner explains:

“When I look at a sunrise, it represents a new beginning. I’m just so happy to be here another day and see my kids do different things and go to dinner with my husband. I suppose that’s the addiction of it — it puts me in a state of mind focused on gratitude.”

Seven years have many sunrises, so Wagner has produced more paintings than she can display. She sells them to people who want to mark a special day:

Increasingly, Wagner’s artwork is taking on personal significance for others as well. People moved by her story have started requesting sunrise paintings for their own milestones: the day of a wedding or a baby’s birth; the day a loved one came home safely from Iraq or Afghanistan; the day a person finally overpowered a stubborn addiction.

Link -via Oddity Central (where there’s a video) | Photo: Debbie Wagner

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February 6th, 2012

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