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BottomsUp: Padded Underwear For Men

Men, does “flat butt” syndrom bum you out? Well, there’s an uplifting news: now you can get off your duff and don a pair of padded underpants to give your booty more bounce. (What? Think you can do better? Let’s see you try in the comments)

The padded underpants in the spotlight are manufactured by a Canadian company appropriately dubbed BottomsUp, which operates under the motto: “Building a Better Bottom.”

The company offers all kinds of shape-enhancing undergarments for both women and men but places a special emphasis on the male derriere, which, frankly, could use a little help.

Canadian company BottomsUp offers a line of padded underwear for men that gives the illusion of a rounder, fuller butt. BottomsUp owner Rick Mucha told AOL News that he’s been selling the line of padded boxer briefs for men for about 10 years.

The underwear have built-in pockets in the butt area designed to hold special BottomsUp butt pads, which come in three gradually expanding sizes: “Quarterback,” “Halfback” and “Fullback.”


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January 23rd, 2011

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