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Bizarre Items Left at Travelodge Hotels

you leave your phone at the hotel? Don’t feel bad, because that ain’t
nothing compared to what some people left behind at Travelodge hotels!

The list of lost-and-found items compiled by the budget hotel chain include
Frederick the Hamster and an 18-month-old baby.

Among the quirkier items left behind include a life-size Mr Blobby
costume, a case full of 100 Duchess of Cambridge masks, and an urn containing
the ashes of a guest’s late wife.

One careless visitor left a box contained £50,000 worth
of watches and a newlywed bride nearly lost her Vera Wang wedding gown
when her husband forgot to pack it.

Staff at Nuneaton Travelodge were even treated to a Christmas surprise
when a couple left an entire Santa’s grotto is their room.

They appear to have held their own early celebrations, and left
a whole Christmas tree with decorations, lights, a model reindeer, a
Father Christmas outfit and a turkey dinner behind.

An 18-month-old boy was accidentally left behind in a Winchester
Travelodge, after his busy parents each thought the other had placed
him in his car seat.

They drove away to attend a wedding, before realising their toddler
son was not in the back of their car moments later.

An energetic Roborovski hamster was also found in his cage in Knutsford,
after his forgetful owner drove back to Bristol without him.


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January 15th, 2012

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