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Bikaner Camel Festival

Photo: Steve

A camel may be a horse designed by committee, but it doesn’t mean that
the even-toed ungulate can’t be an artform, especially when in the hands
of Indian hairstylists!

Oddity Central explores the annual beauty contest for camels in India:

Every year, the desert city of Bikaner, in India’s state
of Rajasthan, hosts one of the most colorful events in the world –
the Bikaner Camel Festival. Home to the only camel breeding farm in
India, and one of the largest such farms in all of Asia, it’s
only natural this city should have a festival dedicated to the useful
humped animal. The popular event takes place over two days, in January,
and draws in camel breeders from all over Rajasthan, as well as tourists
from all around the world. This homage to camels includes various events,
from camel races and rides, to camel haircut competitions and even a
camel beauty pageant.


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May 14th, 2012

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