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Best Pool Table EVAR!

All right. So John Farrier has posted a couple of really cool pool tables. The first one is Deep Green, a pool-playing robot created by the robotics lab of Queen’s University in Canada. The second one is the $200,000 Obscura CueLight Pool Table that creates an interactive image using an overhead projector.

Well, fie! The first two rounds belong to you, John. But in this game of Neatorama one upmanship, I’m compelled regain top dog status and post a pool table to beat ‘em all.

Behold, the Snooker Sofa, created by Accrington upholsterer and UK pool table maker Riley in the 1970s.

Can your pool table transform into a sofa, John? Just look at that beauty and weep: Link

Note: And yes, you may have seen this one round the Net back a couple of months ago, and was on eBay (since then it’s been out of eBay).

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September 20th, 2009

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