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ATB: All Terrain Bunny

One day, the O’Rourke family of Tucson, Arizona, found a couple of abandoned bunnies in their backyard. Joe, one of the bunnies turns out to be a paraplegic, so young Liam O’Rourke designed this clever little device: the ATB (All Terrain Bunny).

Check it out:

There was a reason the mother rabbit abandoned them. Paul O’Rourke realized one bunny they named Joe had no use of his hind legs. Paul and his family helped nurse the bunnies back to health, but then they went one step further to help the paraplegic bunny.

Paul’s son Liam designed and built a small cart for Joe to help him move around a little easier. The red wagon with yellow wheels took some getting used to, but ultimately seemed to improve his mobility.

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May 12th, 2011

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