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Astronaut Touching the Sun

For all of you who’ve
held up the Leaning Tower of Pisa
in clever forced-perspective photos,
take a look at this photo and weep:

NASA spacewalker Sunita Williams looks as if she’s reaching out to
touch the sun in this picture, which is one of the coolest views ever
sent down from the International Space Station. Of course, the sun is
actually about 93 million miles behind her. This is one of those joke
pictures like the ones that show someone plucking
up the Eiffel Tower
— only it was taken in outer space.

In addition to the Suni vs. sun angle, this picture is special because
the photographer is mirrored in Williams’ shiny helmet visor. If you
look closely at the full-resolution
, you can catch sight of Japanese astronaut Aki Hoshide holding
up the Nikon D2Xs camera that took the picture, with one of the space
station’s solar arrays behind him. The setting reminds me of Neil
Armstrong’s famous Apollo 11 picture of Buzz Aldrin
, which similarly
shows the photographer’s reflection.


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September 8th, 2012

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