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Are Urban Bicyclists Snobs?

seen them (or maybe you are one): holier-than-thou urban bicyclist who
think they’re better than their environmentally destructive, car-driving

Will Doig of Slate’s Dream City blog is a cyclist – and he has written
about the image problem of urban bicyclist:

Urban bicyclists have an image problem. They’ve become stereotyped
as pretentious, aloof jackasses, and a lot of this has to do with the
changes taking place in cities right now. [...]

Railing against bikes, in fact, became a great way to sell papers.
A hundred years ago, newspapers ginned up scare stories about the threat
that hapless women on bicycles posed to pedestrians. Today, old-school
tabloids like the New York Post have found that the bicyclists-versus-everyone
narrative still resonates. In Op-Eds with titles like “Bike-Lane
,” bicycles are portrayed as weaponized toys, and
isolated accidents are held up as proof that bicycles are an urban menace.
Last week in San Francisco, a 23-year-old bicyclist was charged with
misdemeanor vehicular manslaughter for striking
and killing
a pedestrian — a tragic incident, but one that
occurred in a city where 800
are hit by cars every year. Still, the story was front-page
news, sparking an online uproar: “I’m sick of bicycles and
their cocky, self-righteous riders,” one commenter wrote on the
San Francisco Chronicle’s website. “Bicyclists believe that
they are untouchable.”

So ‘fess up: are you a bike snob? Link
– via Metafilter

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