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Apollo 11’s Unconventional Life Insurance Policies

You know what’s expensive? Insurance. It’s pricey enough to get life insurance if you have any kind of health issues or you’re a frequent flyer, and nigh impossible if you’re fond of basejumping. But imagine if you were preparing to leave the planet and step outside to walk around on the Moon, and no one had ever done that before, and no one knew if you would make it there or back, or if you’d survive the moonwalk at all. The Apollo 11 crew was in exactly that position, and they took a few creative steps to make sure their families would be taken care of in the event they didn’t return:

In looking for affordable life insurance, the Apollo 11 crew had one thing going for them most people didn’t: they were famous and about to become figures in history. People really wanted their autographs. 

Discovery News has the whole amazing story, which ended happily, as we all know. Link

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September 5th, 2012

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