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Angry Birds Bento Box

The food artists at My Meal Box made a bento box inspired by the mobile game Angry Birds. It does not appear to be available for download, but here’s a description of how they made it:

For the red bird, I used white rice and mixed it with tomato sauce. The bird also had white color on the bottom part of its body, so I add a little white rice on the bottom after I made the red onigiri and shaped it again until became egg shaped. I used baby carrot for the beak and cut red pasta sheet for the feather on top of its head. The eyes and eyebrows were cut from nori and cheese slice.

As for the green pig, I mixed white rice with edamame and peas paste to make green colored rice. I used edamame for the ears and cut a slice of cucumber for the nose. Like the red bird, I used nori and cheese slice to make the eyes and the eyebrows.

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February 8th, 2011

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