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All Your Base Are Belong To Us – Giveaway!

Who wants to win a copy of Harold Goldberg’s awesome book, All Your Base Are Belong To Us – How 50 Years of Videogames Conquered Pop Culture ?!!

It’s an amazing look at some of the greatest games of all-time and how they have affected us. I’ve started reading it this past weekend and can’t put it down.

So here’s what you do to win:

1) Read some of the book on Neatorama’s own BitLit blog! We’re serializing it all this week!

2) Check out The Game Station’s interview with Goldberg right over here.

3) At the end of the interview, there are some questions. The first pertains to the BitLit excerpt. The second pertains to the interview. The third is pretty random, but let’s us know you can follow instructions. :-)

4) Leave your answers as a comment on The Game Station interview post. We’ll pick 10, yes 10 random winners who will get copies of the book. And ONE extra lucky winner will get the book inscribed by Goldberg himself!

So what are you waiting for?! Go win a copy now!

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May 10th, 2011

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