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Airline Hit Up Fliers for Cash Mid-Flight

these days will hit you up for the darnedest things (Wanna use the toilet?
be £1, please
) but this takes the cake:

Passengers aboard two chartered jetliners from India to Britain
were hit up for about $200 each, in cash, to continue their trip this
week in what one flier compared to a hostage situation.

The charter company, Austria-based Comtel Air, and the Spanish
company that owns the planes pointed fingers at each other over the
situation Thursday. But Lal Dadrah, a passenger on one of the flights
who recorded the crew passing the hat, called the situation "a
complete, utter sham."

Comtel Air passengers on a Tuesday flight to Birmingham, England,
from the Indian city of Amritsar were hit up for 130 pounds — about
$200 each — during a layover in Vienna. They were allowed off the aircraft
to take the money from teller machines, a process that took about seven
hours. There were varying accounts of what the money was to pay for,
ranging from fuel to fees.


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November 18th, 2011

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