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A Zoologist’s Amazing Origami Animals

Spawning sockeye salmon

For wildlife zoologist Bernie Peyton, animal life inspires not only scientific curiosity but artistic creativity. For decades, he has folded paper to raise awareness about wildlife conservation:

“I write a lot of boring [academic] articles nobody reads, but conservation also has to appeal to the emotional side,” Peyton told Wired. “That’s why I do art.”

He chose origami because its fragility complements “the ephemeral nature of our world,” he said.  Plus, he uses his experience as a field biologist to inform how he molds paper into cacti, bears, kangaroo rats, snakes and polar bears, all of which he’s spent considerable time with.

“I don’t fold anything I don’t have a personal experience with,” he said.

Artist’s Gallery and Article -via NotCot

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November 11th, 2012

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