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A Tabby Cat in Tinseltown

aspiring actor moving to Los Angeles to become famous is a dime a dozen,
but the story of Vito
is a bit unusual: you see, Vito’s a cat.

Poor Vito Vincent, who came to Hollywood chasing a dream. He’s
been in L.A. for nearly a year without landing a single acting gig.

Once he was homeless in New York. But before he came West last
May, Vito was living a Cinderella story there.

His career was taking off. He’d appeared in print and TV ads. He’d
been on a pilot, guest-starred on "The Colbert Report" and
scored a small spot on "30 Rock."
Even now, emails
arrive with offers on the other coast. But here, nothing — and
not for lack of trying. [...]

When shoppers at The Grove spy him sitting on a patio or going
up the glass steps at the Apple store, they inevitably stop what they’re
doing to gaze, snap cellphone photos, try to touch him.

Still, Vito Vincent doesn’t have an agent. He can’t even get an
What exactly does a talented tabby cat have to do
to catch a break in this town?

Nita Lelyveld of the Los Angeles Times wrote the trials and tribulations
of the aspiring feline actor: Link

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