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A Line Millions of People Long

Photo via Steve McCurry’s Simple
Act of Waiting

Think that you’re queueing in the longest supermarket checkout line ever?
Well, at least you’re not in this line of millions of people
waiting to bathe in the Ganges river, as photographed by Steve
. What an amazing sight!

Alice Yoo of My Modern Met wrote:

The Kumbh Mela is a mass Hindu pilgrimage that’s been called the
world’s largest act of faith, the greatest show on earth and the
largest gathering on the planet. In 2001 it was held in Allahabad, India
where the India government estimates that about 70 million people came
to bathe in the holy river Ganges where it meets with the also holy
Yamuna river. Bathing in the holy waters at this particular time is
said to wash away your karmic debt or cleanse you from your sins. It’s
literally a shortcut to spiritual liberation.

In this particular photo, it shows people traversing temporary
pontoon bridges built along the Ganges River to facilitate movement.

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