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A Highbrow Halloween Reading List

bIf you’re already tired of the never-ending marathons of Halloween horror films on TV, maybe you’d like to celebrate the season by some reading. Flavorwire has some suggestions in a reading list that ranges from Hamlet (yes, it’s a ghost story) to Aim For the Head: An Anthology of Zombie Poetry.

Maybe it’s just us, but we always consider poetry as a form (barring, you know, limericks) to be naturally a little more highbrow than prose. Which balances out the fact that zombies are probably the most lowbrow of popular monsters. So if you’re a poetry buff looking for a little excitement on a cold October night, or just someone who’s felt the incomprehensible urge to compose a poetic ode to The Walking Dead, we suggest this anthology, which takes itself seriously, but not too seriously.

You’re sure to find something intriguing in the list of 10 books. Link

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October 17th, 2012

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