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A Group of Little-Known Lemurs

Thanks to the animated film, Madagascar, most children and their parents are familiar with the Ring-Tailed lemur. But there are many species–most endangered–that deserve a little attention, too. BTW, “group” is the official collective noun for lemurs, but I think it should be something different, like “prank” or “chatter”. How do I go about getting that changed?

Lemurs are a varied bunch; some are loud (the Black and White Ruffed) and some take diet tips from the giant panda (the Golden Bamboo). From the Red-Ruffed (above) to the papyrus-munching Lac Alaotra Gentle lemur, the Ark in Space has a great round-up of pictures and info about King Julien’s closest relatives. Link

Image credit: Bubblegum

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June 12th, 2011

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