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A Criminal’s Perfect Disguise

You don’t look like the guy whose identity you’ve just stolen.
Solution: Disguise yourself!

Here’s what one criminal mastermind did to impersonate another man and
steal his bank card:

The police officer looked at the Oregon ID that Pinney had given the
bank manager and asked the man if he was seriously trying to pass as
the man in the picture. Court documents report Pinney hung his head
and said “I know.”

The officer arrested Pinney and found his own ID card as well as the
identity theft victim’s Social Security card in his wallet.

Pinney admitted to police that his bandages were not real and that
he had not been in an accident. He said the entire scheme was his girlfriend’s
idea and that she had been waiting outside for him when he entered the
bank, according to the documents.


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October 19th, 2012

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