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A Comprehensive Guide to the Top 100 Songs of the 70s

SuperSeventies has a nice index of the top ten songs of each year in the decade I discovered music. That was mostly via radio, and that decade saw quite a shift in popular styles, as you can see at the link. Each song is linked to an informative bio, with links to other information.

I was surprised to learn that John Denver’s hit “Sunshine on My Shoulders” was conceived for a made-for-TV movie.

The feature was calledĀ Sunshine, and was a character study based on a real-life journal excerpted in theĀ Los Angeles Times. It told the story of a terminal cancer case: a nonestablishment couple and the doctor who tried to save the young woman. CBS drew high ratings when they aired the film on November 9, 1973.

The soundtrack version was re-recorded in time for Denver’s greatest hits album, and became his first number one hit. For my money, his best song will always be “Rocky Mountain High.”


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February 3rd, 2010

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