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A Cat’s Eye View of Alien

In the 1979 film Alien, there are two survivors. The hero Ripley, of course, and her cat Jonesey. Anne Billson knows that Jonesy is much more important to the film than most viewers realize. So she wrote the story of the spaceship Nostromo and its crew from Jonesey’s point of view. Here’s a small excerpt:

Nostromo is making hysterical hooting noises and flashing its lights on and off. This is all rather exciting, but as I’m being ferried through the passages and walkways I feel helpless, and would really rather be free to run around. Also, the can-opener is hurling herself around like nobody’s business, so it’s not a smooth journey, I can tell you. Anyhow we roll to a stop, and I can tell straightaway it’s because we’ve run slap-dab into the hairless kitten again. Only I’m not sure I can call it a kitten any more – it’s really big now. Honestly, it’s like a super-giant cat. But since it’s still only a few hours old and clearly hasn’t been housetrained and hasn’t a clue how to groom itself or behave in can-opener company, I shall continue to call it a kitten. Because, technically, that’s what it is.

Later, Jonesey confronts the alien and tries to share the secrets of charming the “can-openers.” From the delightful blog Cats on Film. Link -via Maximum Verbosity

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January 27th, 2012

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