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50% More Worcestershire Sauce!

Worcestershire sauce bottlesThis past week we purchased the bottle on the right above – French’s “Classic” Worcestershire sauce, in the 15 oz. size – to replace the old one on the left with the “New and Improved!” label.

The label of the new bottle indicates that it has 50% MORE* (with the asterisk). I can’t reproduce the letter size here, but it’s approximately a 48 point font.

On the right below that in bold italics is Excellent Value! in a ~14-point font.

And beneath that the clarification *Compared to 10 FL. OZ. products. in ~12-point italics.

One can’t argue with the mathematics. The question is whether this is deceptive advertising. Does this labelling cynically take advantage of inattentive shoppers, or is it a truthful, clever marketing ploy?

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January 5th, 2010

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