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5 People From History Who Were Absurdly Hard to Kill

You know that Rasputin’s killers took all day and several different methods to do in the Mad Monk. A list from Cracked has five men who put Rasputin to shame in their ability to survive attempts on their lives. Consider King Zog of Albania (who was a real person; I checked):

In one instance, the assassin managed to shoot him twice from close range as he was entering the Assembly Hall. Zog let his guard subdue the dude and, unflinching, walked on into the hall and took a seat at his desk, blood spurting from his wounds.

After a while, he noticed that everyone else was understandably freaking the hell out. So he stood up, covered in blood and riddled with bullet holes, and delivered them a little shruggy speech that basically said “Yeah, this happens quite a lot. You get used to it.”

And he wasn’t even number one! Link

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March 9th, 2012

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