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4D Art Show

If you’ve always wanted to step inside a painting–or better yet, have on leap out at you–then you’ll enjoy the highlighted pieces in a recent 4D art show held in China. Visitors to the exhibit had lots of fun taking pictures of themselves interacting with the artwork.

The collection of paintings, on display at a contemporary art exhibition in the Jilin province, uses techniques similar to the ’stand-up’ advertising hoardings that are sometimes painted on the edges of sports pitches.

With cunning use of shadow they trick the eye into believing that the images are leaping off the canvas, that arrows are firing towards the viewers gaze from the bows of cherubs, or that Pinocchio’s nose is protruding wildly from the frame.

The pieces are a huge hit with spectators who have already shown a talent for interacting with the works to become part of the art themselves.

See more of the cool 4D artwork in the Daily Mail gallery. Link

Image credit: STR/AFP/Getty Images

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June 6th, 2011

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